The G7 is unified and hugging, but the rest of the world is fractured. Where do we go from here?  This must be the start of the multi-polar world order.  Or maybe not.  
Everyone knows the Fed is going to keep hiking rates and the economy is going to go into a recession. But it's so consensus, and sentiment is so…
Who needs crypto currencies? Lots of people and not just people. We'll get to that, but first we need to appreciate Black Labradors.
There have been record flows into private equity and venture. It's assumed PE is the best place to be if there is a downturn. This was the case in the…
When you pass away your real legacy is the traits you pass on to others. 
As the use of AI grows in investing we need to better understand how it works and how we can use it.  As humans our skill is in asking 'why?"
How to profit from $18 beer.
I don't usually get interested in charts, but gold is on the launchpad and there are other positive indicators as well.
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